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 Revealing Biological Insights of Exosome

Analysis of exosome surface markers
based on ExoDot platform


ExoDot technology can detect protein markers of extracellular vesicles at single-particle resolution with no need of purification, allowing for highly sensitive characterization of various biosamples (e.g., plasma, culture medium, urine, saliva, and CSF) with enhanced throughput and reduced cost. Our capture antibodies and biomarker panel can be fully customized for any specific application.

Characterization of vesicles

at higher throughput and scalability

Highly sensitive biomarker detection with ultra-low sample consumption

Any combination of capture & detection antibodies with unprecedented flexibility

Multiplex biomarker profiling,

free of purification and enrichment

Quantification of surface markers at superior sensitivity

Customizable panel for exosomal biomarker analysis at lower cost



Discover and detect biomarkers from extracellular vesicles for disease diagnosis (i.e., cancer, neurodegenerative, and infectious diseases)


Characterize surface proteins of engineered vesicles for targeted drug and gene delivery

Biological Studies:

Facilitate fundamental studies on extracellular vesicles

Partner with us

If you are looking to characterize surface markers of extracellular vesicles with higher sensitivity, flexibility, and throughput, we'd like to hear from you.

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